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Red Scare Bundle - SOLD OUT

The full OG Red Scare Collection! 

RED SCARE LIPSTICK: "Formulated with care for a bright red flare, always running out of stock in stores. If your basic-ass pink could use a rethink, this red is deadass gonna change the score. Scarlet harlot in the streets, Slavic siren in the sheets, you’re the only high-class makeup whore. But do apply it well, otherwise they can’t tell if it’s a lipstick or a herpes sore."  -Katya

PLEATHER DADDY LIPGLOSS: The vegan agenda but make it sexy. Classic red.

RUSSIAN DOLL SPRINKLES: Get in touch with your inner matryoshka with these bright red metallic stars

(Bundle includes a free gift of Katya-inspired temporary tattoos-like a stick & poke without all that sticking & poking!)



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