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"Pony Up" is quite a ride! Unicorn confetti glitter recommended for pulling an all nighter. Giddy up!

"Immaterial Girl" will take a natural look to a supernatural state. Goldie-plum stars in a multi-size glitter mix. Etherealness!

"Melon Baller" is a heavy-duty pink gold melon! Sexy!

"Buffy" is a blend of pink hearts and crosses. May incite a vampire love triangle.

"Skipper" is a teenage dream! Neon bubblegum with a lime duochrome. Yum!

"Pentagram" is shiny silver stars. I bind you Nancy. Light the black flame candle and fly the starry sky!

"Ooky Spooky" is a black holographic mix. Are you dark-sided? Take the night with this mystical nightshade!


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